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Legal E-Service v. Traditional Document Exchange

Since the inception of litigation, much has changed in terms of the rules for serving documents to parties involved in a case.  Traditionally, document exchange within litigation would require calling upon a courier service to pick up and physically serve

Streamlining Construction Defect Litigation

Construction Defect litigation may be deemed complex, however, that shouldn’t hinder the process of filing & serving documents.  With the implementation of a Case Management Order/Stipulation, construction defect litigation can be organized and proven to expedite the resolution of a

Selecting the Right Legal E-Service Provider in Complex Litigation

When involved in complex multi-party litigation, designating the most efficient litigation support service provider is vital; such as a legal E-Service provider. Having to communicate and exchange documents with multiple litigants can be complex within itself.  In view of that,

Reducing the Cost & Time Spent on Complex Litigation

Litigation can be a very costly and time consuming process.  Moreover, if a lawsuit is deemed complex, the cost and time spent on litigation can increase significantly.  As a result, it is in the interest of all litigants to resolve

Eco-Friendly Litigation

The legal industry is one of the largest consumers of paper and law firms unfortunately forget to recycle at times.  In view of the harmful effect paper waste has on the environment, a resolution has been created to resolve the

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