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How to Streamline Discovery in Litigation

Litigation consists of many moving parts, and the discovery phase involves the most amounts of documents. Discovery can be a very tedious task, especially if there are multiple parties involved. Once the documents are produced, exchanging the documents can be

Los Angeles Superior Court eFiling Update

The court has set a new date for mandatory eFiling for Complex cases, which is July 1, 2019. Please view the official post here: LA Superior Court eFiling If you have any questions on how to eFile, please contact us

How to eFile in Los Angeles Superior Court

Since the mandatory launch of eFiling at LA Superior Court, eFile rejections have been a major issue. Here are the most common issues that occur: Party’s name does not match the party’s name listed on the initial lead document For

The Benefits of eService In Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation involves numerous documents, especially during the discovery phase of a case. Whether it is a standard two-party case or complex case involving multiple parties, the number of documents needing to be filed and exchanged can get overwhelming. Some

Court Filing in California

California consists of 58 counties and Legal Document Server provides Electronic Filing (eFile) in 19 counties and counting. For the courts that do not accept eFiling in California, user’s can still submit their orders to our online system. All orders

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