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Frequently Asked Questions


Legal Document Server provides a comprehensive set of litigation support services, including:

  • E-Filing (30 Counties & Counting in California)
  • E-Service
  • Physical Court Filing (Nationwide)
  • Courtesy Copy Delivery (Nationwide)
  • Process Serving (Nationwide)
  • Records Retrieval (Nationwide)
  • Skip Tracing (Nationwide)

We are also a court approved E-Service/Bulletin Board provider for attorneys involved in complex or multi-party cases. For more information , please visit our E-Service page. 

If you need further assistance with court-related matters, such as hearing dates or case information, please contact your local court. Thank you. 

To get started, please CREATE AN ACCOUNT

No, we cannot prepare your documents for you as we are not licensed attorneys. If you need help with preparing your documents, please contact an attorney or a Legal Document Assistant.

No, we are not licensed attorneys and cannot offer any legal advice or assistance with your case. Please contact an attorney or the court for assistance.

Please contact an attorney, a Legal Document Assistant, visit your court’s Self-Help Center, or visit the California Court’s website at:

Self Help:



Please view our full list of services and rates here:

E-filing costs $11.75 per order (This does not include court fees. We will advance court fees as necessary which will include a 4.75% fee for ACH and 6.75% fee for Credit Cards).

Our prices for each service are based on the location you need us to go to (Urban/Suburban/Remote) and how quickly you need us to go to that location (Routine/Priority/Urgent/On-Demand). Please see our complete list of rates on our pricing and deadlines page: 

Yes, you must pay our E-Filing fee for each order you place. No exceptions.

A fee waiver covers our costs for E-Filing ONLY. Fee waivers do not cover any services that require us to physically go out to file, deliver, retrieve or serve documents. Fee waivers do not cover our fees for Process Serving, Court Filing, Courtesy Copy Delivery, or Document Retrieval.

No, court fees are not included in our pricing. Our price list is for our fees only, you would also have to pay any court fees charged by the court for your order. We will advance court fees as necessary which will include a 4.75% fee for ACH and 6.75% fee for Credit Cards).

Yes, you would pay the regular process serving fee for each address and each round of attempts added to a process serving order.

Getting Started

To get started, the first thing you must do is create an account here:

  1. To sign up for an account, please go to:
  • Step-by-step guide on creating an account

When you sign up for an account you will need to provide your name, address, phone number, email address, and payment information. Also, you will need to select whether you are an attorney or self-represented. If you are an attorney, you will also need to provide your state bar number.

Placing An Order

For an e-filing or court filing order, you will need case information, such as what court you are filing in, case number, case participants, etc. For a Process Serving order you will need the name and address of the party you want served, plus the case information. Our system will ask for all the necessary information in order to process your order. If you are unsure, please contact us at (800) 6872-5003 Ext. 2.

Please check your local court’s website in the county you are filing in to see if they allow E-Filing and to find out what types of cases/documents can be E-Filed. E-Filing is mandatory at some courts.

Case initiation would be selected if it is a new case that has not yet been assigned a case number. Subsequent filing is for cases that are already open and for which a case number has already been assigned.

A Courtesy Copy is an extra copy of your documents that is physically delivered directly to the courtroom. Courtesy copies may be necessary in Complex Civil Cases or in cases where the judge has ordered that a courtesy copy be delivered to the courtroom. Please contact your local court if you do not know if your case/filing requires a courtesy copy delivery.

Yes, when filing a new case, you would need to list all plaintiffs and defendants that are listed on your case documents in the case participants tab. If you are an attorney, you would also need to add yourself to the case participants tab.

To update or change information for a case participant, click the pencil next to their name in the case participant tab. You will be able to update the participants contact information, select if the participant is self-represented, and select if the participant has a fee waiver on file with the court.

When you are on the documents tab in your order, type the document title into the box and then select the closest option that pops up. Once you have selected the document title, you then select Browse and look for the document in your documents.

Open your document in your Adobe/PDF program on your computer. Once your document is open, select “Tools” and then select “Scan & OCR”. Then select “Recognize Text…in this File” and click the blue “Recognize Text” button. Once it is finished making your document text searchable just click close and then click save.

First, when typing the document type into the search box, enter just a main keyword from the document title (ex. Complaint or Response). Then look through the options that pop up for that key word and select the closest match. Also, you can choose the document with the statement “(name extension)” next to it and that will allow you to enter more information regarding your document title after you have uploaded your document.

Yes, checking this box allows the court to charge Legal Document Server for any court fees that are associated with the documents you are filing. If you do not check the box and there is a court fee associated with the document you are filing, the court will reject the filing.

Yes, we do offer “Assisted Filings” for customers that cannot or do not wish to place their own order. The cost for Assisted Filings is $40.00. If you wish to do an Assisted Filing, please email your documents to Please include in the email your account number and instructions on exactly what you need us to do with your documents (ex. You need the documents e-filed at LA Superior Court).

Cancelling An Order

No, E-Filing orders cannot be cancelled or changed. Once you submit your E-Filing order, your documents are submitted directly to the court for processing and cannot be altered.

You can only cancel one of these order types without being charged if the courier has not printed and filed/delivered/served the documents yet. Once the courier has made a trip to the court or to the place of service, you will get charged even if you attempt to cancel the order.

Billing and Payments

All payments are processed with your ACH account or Credit Card on file upon completion of your order. A copy of your paid invoice will be sent to you once the payment has been successfully processed.

We accept ACH and Credit Cards. We also have weekly or monthly payment options for law firms based upon volume and agreed upon terms.

Yes, you must pay for your process serving orders if the subject was unable to be served. You will also be provided with a Declaration of Due Diligence as your proof of attempted service.

Yes, you still must pay the E-Filing fee if your order gets rejected by the court. However, the court will not charge you for any fee advances if they reject a document.

Sign into your account and click MY PROFILE located at the top right corner of the page. Then click the PAYMENT INFORMATION tab and edit.

Account Settings

Sign into your account and click on MY PROFILE located at the top right of the page. Then click the PAYMENT INFORMATION tab and edit.

Sign into your account and click on MY PROFILE located at the top right of the page. Then click the USER SETTINGS tab and edit.

Sign into your account and click on MY PROFILE located at the top right of the page, then click the USER SETTINGS tab. Then click on the CREATE NEW USER BUTTON below.

  • How to add user to an existing account tutorial 
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