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Legal technology is making great strides thanks to the Los Angeles Superior Court. Starting September 20, 2021, the court’s complex civil division will be mandating Electronic Filing (eFiling) and Electronic Service (eService) for all cases.

Frustrated by a voluminous caseload and increasingly backlogged clerks, LASC has decided to modernize its practices and mandate electronic filing and service. For some legal practitioners, this change may be a bit overwhelming, but for those who are ready and willing, this comes as a pleasant surprise. Thankfully, Legal Document Server has been authorized as one of the court’s only two eService providers and a certified eFiling Service Provider (EFSP). Our platform can serve as your one stop shop for litigation support from start to finish.

At Legal Document Server, we seek to become the industry standard for innovative litigation support. From case initiation to settlement or trial, we aim to make filing and serving documents as stress-free and simple as possible. Don’t get bogged down by the court’s mandated transition, choose Legal Document Server as your eFiling and eService provider on September 20, 2021 – we do the work so that you don’t have to.

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