The Complex Civil Division at Los Angeles Superior Court has made a significant change as to the authorization of Electronic Service (E-Service). In the past, each department’s Judge would suggest the use of their preferred E-Service provider. However, thanks to LASC’s new system, judges see the same interface regardless of the provider selected.

There are now only two court-approved providers that have been integrated with the court’s new system, and the decision as to which to use is entirely up to the attorneys. No matter what you choose, the Judge will see the same bulletin board.

You are no longer restricted to Case Anywhere for E-Service! Legal Document Server is one of those two court approved providers. Now your firm can start saving time and money by using our superior system. For more information, please view the LA Superior Court Complex Civil eFiling Presentation (page 7).

To get started, please use one of the following templates and e-mail us at to setup your case.

We also provide an all-in-one litigation support system that covers all of California for Court Filing/eFiling & Service of Process, & more.

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