From case initiation to settlement, litigation can be overwhelmingly complex. Recent years have seen an explosive rise in attorney support providers, who create platforms with the goal of helping law firms curb the complexity of their workload. Today, Legal Document Server’s innovative and user-friendly system has helped it emerge as the new standard for the burgeoning legal support industry.

With Legal Document Server’s all-in-one platform, firms no longer have to partition their needs between multiple competing providers. Instead, they can seamlessly switch between all order types (physical filing, e-filing, process serving, and more) from the same interface; making for a smoother litigation experience. LDS is your one stop shop for litigation support.

In addition, Legal Document Server boasts an avant-garde litigation E-Service platform that helps firms cut down on the hassle of case management. Users can drag-and-drop to upload their files, and there are no limitations on the size of the upload or number of documents uploaded. All of this combined with LDS’ signature user-friendly interface has catapulted their e-service platform above the competition.

For firms looking to simplify their Litigation Support experience, Legal Document Server is the only choice.

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