Per the California Code of Civil Procedure section 1010.6, when a document may be served by mail, express mail, overnight delivery, or fax transmission, the document may be served electronically. This means that Electronic Service (E-Service) can be used for any case as long as all parties provide express consent. Although E-Service is typically used in discovery intensive complex litigation, its use is not restricted to such cases. While the benefits may be more apparent in complex cases, E-Service can still significantly improve your case management and workflow, regardless of case size.

In litigation, case management can be overly time consuming and stressful. The image of banker’s boxes stacked floor-to-ceiling filled with page after page of discovery and motions has undoubtedly been seared into the brain of every seasoned litigator. To combat this, an increasing number of attorneys and the courts themselves have both turned to E-Service as their solution. E-Service allows firms to store their documents online, communicate with opposing counsel & courts through message boards, and service time-stamped documents instantly.

Once a case is hosted through an E-Service provider, all parties will be able to easily communicate through the platform’s message board. Even the courts can be added to streamline communication with the presiding judge. Furthermore, not only is document service instantaneous, but all served document are time-stamped with their effective service date and time. The serving party has peace of mind knowing their service was received and recorded, and the receiving party has an easier time calendaring responses and meeting their deadlines.

If you are interested in setting up your next case for Electronic Service, the steps to assign Legal an E-Service provider are very simple:

  1. Inform the judge of your choice at the Initial Status Conference hearing.
  2. Fill out and file the Proposed Order Authorizing E-Service with the court
  3. Email a copy of the conformed order to along with the names and emails of anyone who needs access to the case

Given the benefits that E-Service provides, in today’s climate there’s really no reason to stick with traditional means of document service. Not only does E-Service save trees, time, and money, but it simplifies calendaring issues and guarantees indisputably successful service. It’s time to make stacked bankers boxes and overflowing folders a thing of the past. Contact a court approved E-Service provider today to see how you can facilitate simpler case management for your firm.

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