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The going rates for California process servers will vary depending on the server chosen and urgency/location of the service. However, the dollar amounts tend to be consistent across the diverse field of available service providers. A routine service will typically cost $65.00 – $85.00, for which your provider will make one service attempt every three days. Any increase in the urgency of the service or serving a non-urban location will correlate to an increase in price, but these rate hikes are generally uniform as well. When it comes to selecting a process server, the real costs go beyond the dollar amounts. The quality of service is what you’re truly paying for.

Typical levels of service include:

  • Routine: One attempt every 3 days (Average: $65 – $85)
    • Includes up to 3 attempts
  • Priority: Next day service attempt (Average: $80 – $100)
    • Includes up to 3 attempts
  • Urgent: Same day service attempt (Average: $100 – $130)
    • Includes up to 3 attempts

Despite all charging roughly similar rates, not all process servers should be treated equally. Different service provider means different standards as to fulfilling their customers’ orders. To determine the right provider for you firm, there are three key components you should consider: the first is consistent updates following each attempt, the second is expeditious turnaround times for service, and the third is providing you with a correctly filled out proof of service upon the completion of your order. It should go without saying that your service provider also needs to know and abide by the California Rules of Civil Procedure as they pertain to process serving, which is not always a given.

Encountering issues with any of these 3 key factors can grind your case to halt, wasting your time and potentially costing you money. Luckily, if you find yourself hounding your server for updates or backtracking to address improper services, the solution is simple: find a new provider. There are a multitude of ready and able service providers in the state of California that would be more than happy to take your business and provide you with the upgrade in service that you deserve. Don’t settle for less because you’re reluctant to change providers. If you need any further assistance, please contact us at (800) 687-5003 Ext. 1 or via e-mail support@legaldocumentserver.com.

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