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San Diego Superior Court is one of the 27 California state courts that accepts Electronic Filing (eFiling) in lieu of traditional physical filing. While San Diego Superior Court accepts eFiling for all case types except criminal, it only requires eFiling in civil limited and unlimited cases. Even though eFiling is an option for things like probate and small claims, it is not required and thus not advertised as openly.

In the past, San Diego Superior Court limited the number of available providers litigators could choose from. However, the court has recently revised this policy and expanded its selection of approved Electronic Filing service providers. Today, users can choose from a wide variety of providers.

A key takeaway from San Diego Superior Court’s progression is that the eFiling policies of the various California Superior Courts are not set in stone. Your firm may currently be using a provider you do not like or spending significantly more to file documents physically. If either of these is the case, you should make sure to research the eFiling policies of the courts you are using. With eFiling quickly becoming the statewide norm, all the California Superior Courts are bound to modify their current eFiling practices.

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