Contra Costa Superior Court is the latest court to overhaul its Electronic Filing (eFiling) procedures. The court is expanding the number of approved Electronic Filing Service Providers so that effective Monday, March 28, litigators will have several alternatives to File & Serve Xpress with which to eFile.

Currently, Contra Costa only accepts eFiling in complex civil cases. However, the court’s expansion of its approved eFile providers is a likely indication that Contra Costa Superior Court is planning on rolling out eFiling as an option for all case types.

Like the rest of the California Superior Courts, Contra Costa was initially tepid to adopt eFiling. However, eFiling’s widespread popularity and obvious advantages have led the court to accelerate its integration. As Contra Costa initiates its widespread incorporation of eFiling, it’s important to recognize that it will not be last court to do so.

If you have any questions about how to eFile in Contra Costa Superior Court, contact us for more information. Legal Document Server will be one of the certified Electronic Filing Service Providers for Contra Costa Superior Court.

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