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Orange County Superior Court was one of the first courts in California to adopt Electronic Filing (E-Filing). Orange County Superior Court began accepting E-Filing for all case types as early as 2017, before quickly mandating E-Filing in 2018. To make E-Filing accessible for its litigants, the court approved several electronic filing service providers in conjunction with its transition to mandatory E-Filing.

Orange County Superior Court imposes very few restrictions on E-Filing. In fact, the court’s only existing limitations concern specific documents such as warrants and subpoenas. Litigants representing themselves pro-se are also technically exempt from the court’s E-Filing mandate, but they are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the court’s E-Filing system.

OC Superior Court recognized the obvious benefits of Electronic Filing and thanks to their swift adoption, their system is both streamlined and easily accessible to all litigants. As other California Superior Courts realize the inefficiencies of physical filing in COVID’s wake, it seems a given that more and more will be quick to follow in the Orange County Superior Court’s path and adopt mandatory E-Filing in the near future. There are currently 28 California Superior Courts that have Electronic Filing available to date.

If you have any questions regarding the specifics of E-Filing in Orange County or need a broader perspective on the current state of E-Filing in California, please feel free to reach out to us at: support@legaldocumentserver.com or (800) 687-5003

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