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Riverside Superior Court is among the latest of the California Superior Courts to adopt Electronic Filing (E-Filing), mandating its use for all case types on January 1, 2022. Despite being a relative newcomer to the practice, the court already boasts a streamlined and user-friendly system thanks in large part to the extensive supportive infrastructure that already exists in the state of California.

Like several other California Courts, Riverside Superior Court was quick to adopt E-Filing when faced with an enormous backlog in the aftermath of COVID. Initially introduced in mid-2021 as an option for all Civil, UD, and Small Claims matters, the transition was such a success that by January 1, 2022, the court mandated E-Filing for all case types.

Much like other California Courts, documents can be E-Filed at the Riverside Superior Court through any of the numerous court-approved Electronic Filing Service Providers. Despite the E-Filing mandate, there are still several documents that require physical filing however, including but not limited to: ex-parte applications, trial documents and exhibits, and appeals documents.

Riverside Superior Court is one of the few that has mostly returned to business-as-usual post-COVID, and their turnaround is largely due to their rapid adoption and implementation of E-Filing. If the benefits to E-Filing weren’t obvious pre-pandemic they most certainly are today, which is why the number of California Superior Courts requiring E-Filing has only continued to grow.

If you have any questions regarding the specifics of E-Filing in Riverside County or need a broader perspective on the current state of E-Filing in California, please feel free to reach out to us at: support@legaldocumentserver.com or (800) 687-5003

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