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In many respects, litigation support providers are functionally identical to any customer facing business. They’re defined by their customer service. Support queues and misery typically go hand in hand, and anyone unfortunate enough to make that call is familiar with the feeling: reluctant apprehension boiling into suppressed rage as choppy elevator music loops every 30 seconds. To paraphrase, the essence of a great attorney service provider is accessibility and expertise.

Litigation support providers are a vital component in the workflow of most practicing firms. Litigation is time consuming to the point that routine tasks like court filing and process serving must be outsourced. When you’re putting your case documents in the hands of someone else, accessibility should be a minimum requirement. To that end, a great attorney service provider is in part one that picks up the phone whenever you call, ready to update you on the status of your outstanding orders.

Tying into availability, truly great attorney service providers are also defined by their expertise. The California Superior Courts are a fickle, dissimilar bunch. Filings are frequently rejected for a variety of vague, unexplained reasons. Additionally, a growing number of California Courts are mandating Electronic Filing (E-Filing) forcing practitioners to file through one of potentially several third-party platforms, a process that can be confusing for those unfamiliar. A good attorney service provider will answer the phone when you call. A truly great litigation support provider will go one step further and spare you from the dreaded second queue by providing support specialists with enough expertise to help you the first time they answer the phone.

Attorney service providers try to distinguish themselves by boasting about “statewide coverage” and proudly displaying their extensive service offerings, but the true distinction can be found in how they treat their customers. The ones that answer the phone every time, readily available to provide you updates and answer your questions are the ones that stand a notch above the rest.

If you have any questions about how to sift through the masses and find the right provider for you, please give us a call at (800) 687-5003. We’d be happy to help you and your firm analyze your options.

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