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Electronic Service (E-Service) is overtaking traditional means of document service thanks to the advantages it offers litigators. Once the parties to a case have consented to E-Service, litigators have two primary methods by which to serve their documents: email and via authorized Electronic Service provider.

Email is the more common of the two methods. Serving documents via email bears a strong resemblance to serving via US mail. Instead of printing and mailing or faxing their documents, the serving party saves time and emails them to all consenting parties’ addresses. It’s that simple.

Despite being the simpler and most familiar of the two methods, service via email isn’t necessarily the best option. Serving via email saves time preparing mailers, but it doesn’t offer any solutions for the disorganization that traditional service can cause, such as allegations of not receiving documents. For cases that have been designated complex or include multiple parties, service via an E-Service provider is the best option as it securely exchanges documents instantaneously. All documents are logged and verified on the case management system which eliminates any disputes of having sent or received documents.

E-Service platforms are web-based interfaces that serve as both a means of document service and storage. Instead of emailing them, parties can serve by simply uploading their documents and clicking a button. Once the documents have been served, they are digitally stamped and saved in an easily accessible online repository to guarantee nothing slips through the cracks. If the parties decide to serve documents through an E-Service provider, all they need to do is file a Proposed Order Authorizing Electronic Service. Once the court endorses the Order, the E-Service provider will setup the case and all the parties will be able to exchange and manage their documents online.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of both types of E-Service, feel free to reach out to us at (800) 687-5003 or support@legaldocumentserver.com. We’d be happy to help walk you through the landscape and figure out if an E-Service platform is something that would be helpful for you.

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