As technology advances, more law firms are beginning to realize the advantages of managing their documents online.  The cost of storing physical documents not only wastes money, but it wastes valuable time when having to search for a specific file.

According to the 2013 Legal Technology Survey Report, the percentage of online document management has reached 54.4%.  This is a solid 14% increase since 2011 and a 9.6% increase from 2012.  Based on the data, it is apparent that legal data storage is consistently moving online and only going to increase with time.

Moreover, online document management is not the only form of online legal solutions available.  Legal practitioners can now litigate cases via Online Case Management & E-Service platforms.  The process of litigation or negotiating can be streamlined by filing and exchanging documents through an online case management system.  The savings on money and time will be realized at an exponential rate.

Take advantage of the technology available and realize the benefits of how online legal solutions can help your practice.   If you are interested in discovering more about online case management and E-Service, please contact us at or (800) 687-5003.

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