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Contra Costa E-Filing Update

As referenced previously in our article (Does Contra Costa County Have eFiling?), Contra Costa Superior Court is taking the next step in implementing E-Filing. After previously expanding their number of approved Electronic Filing Service Providers, the court is now mandating

Orange County Superior Court eFiling

Orange County Superior Court was one of the first courts in California to adopt Electronic Filing (E-Filing). Orange County Superior Court began accepting E-Filing for all case types as early as 2017, before quickly mandating E-Filing in 2018. To make

Simplifying Litigation Support Solutions

Litigation support is a key component to maintaining a successful legal practice. However, the current attorney service landscape is needlessly complex. Most legal support providers do not offer a full suite of services under one platform for Court Filing, Process

Court Filing at the Last Minute

Finalizing and submitting court filings at the last minute is more common than not in litigation, to such a degree that on-demand support is a must for any would-be attorney service provider. Unfortunately, courts are not concerned with the constraints

California Process Serving Guidelines

When do I need a Process Server? Service of process is an infrequent but crucial component to litigation as throughout the progression of any given case, there are a handful of instances where physical service is required. For starters, physical

Selecting An Attorney Service Provider

Finding the right attorney service provider is crucial to maintaining a successful legal practice. Because litigation support is a burgeoning industry however, practitioners in California have no shortage of attorney service providers to choose from. While the number of options

What Is An EFSP (Electronic Filing Service Provider)?

Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSPs) are an intermediary through which litigators can electronically file (E-File) their documents with the court. Of the California Superior Courts that accept E-Filing, most require the filing party to use a court-approved EFSP. While there

E-Service of Discovery in California

Electronic service (E-Service) has quickly become the predominant means of document service in discovery intensive cases. This is due to the noticeable advantages it provides to litigators with regards to managing such cases. Once the parties have consented to E-Service,

How Do You Choose A Process Server? Best Practices

As the requisite step after filing a complaint, process serving is a necessary element in litigation. This necessity raises the question: as a litigator, how do you choose a process server? Because the rates between service providers are generally uniform,

Does Contra Costa County have eFiling?

Contra Costa Superior Court is the latest court to overhaul its Electronic Filing (eFiling) procedures. The court is expanding the number of approved Electronic Filing Service Providers so that effective Monday, March 28, litigators will have several alternatives to File

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