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The Importance of Collaboration in Litigation Support

Collaboration is a hallmark of the legal industry, a fast-paced, high-intensity field where communication and cooperation are vital to success. Litigation support plays a significant role in facilitating this collaboration, despite the fact that most attorney service providers exist outside

Law Firm Efficiency in Times of Economic Uncertainty

Law firms can be affected by economic downturns just like any other business. As such, during a slowdown it becomes increasingly important that firms maximize their efficiency in order to maintain their profitability and stability. Luckily, there are multiple strategies

Attorney Time Management Tips

Now more than ever, time management is a critical skill for success for those working in litigation. For a lot of firms, downsizing was an unfortunate consequence of COVID-19; and while law firms have traditionally delegated lower value tasks to

How Do Lawyers Communicate with Their Clients?

Maintaining healthy lines of communication with your clients is an oft overlooked but crucial facet to practicing law. Tales of ‘problem clients’ demanding constant attention and / or expecting the impossible are all too common in the legal profession. However,

Why Litigators Should Embrace Technology

Litigation is commonly misunderstood to be an archaic profession, rooted in tradition, and bogged down by mountains of paperwork. However, the reality is that legal technology has made significant strides within the past decade. Litigators can file documents, serve them,

How to Simplify Litigation

Litigation consists of many moving parts and can become very confusing, especially if the case is deemed complex. Managing multiple parties and deadlines, along with potentially thousands of documents, can be quite a headache. Simplifying litigation has long been the

What is Litigation E-Service?

Electronic Service (E-Service) is overtaking traditional means of document service thanks to the advantages it offers litigators. Once the parties to a case have consented to E-Service, litigators have two primary methods by which to serve their documents: email and

eFiling Court Documents in California

Electronic Filing (eFiling) is quickly becoming standard practice for litigators in the state of California, thanks in large part to the growing number of California Superior Courts that have been mandating its use. While many practitioners are already familiar with

How to Serve Someone That is Hard to Find?

There are few things more frustrating in litigation than a bad service of process address. It’s not an issue you can work through by simply searching through Google or social media platforms. Luckily, with advances in technology and legal support

Court Filing in San Bernardino County Superior Court

COVID-19 may have affected all of the California Superior Courts to a certain degree, but none have felt its impact more so than the San Bernardino Superior Court. As a “high-volume” court without an Electronic Filing system in place, San

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