The legal industry has evolved a great deal since the implementation of technology into everyday practice, perhaps most identifiable in an attorneys’ ability to operate in a mobile manner and practice law without the traditional constraints of an office.  Indeed, the preparation and review of legal documents can now be executed remotely with relative ease; likewise, communication between attorneys and their staff can be achieved efficiently through the use of telecommunication.

More importantly, the overall management of litigation, whether complex or otherwise, has improved with the use of online legal solutions, such as online document management and electronic filing/service companies.  Filing documents with the court and serving litigants within a case has become as simple as uploading the documents to an online server and clicking submit.  The documents are then processed for filing and service instantaneously.  A process which once consisted of waiting for a courier to pick up documents to file and serve can now be completed from anywhere in the world in mere seconds.

By using the proper online case management and legal E-Service provider, not only can lawyers be completely mobile and streamline their caseloads more efficiently, but they can do so at a drastically reduced cost.

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