Class Action litigation consists of numerous parties and very complex factors.  Moreover, the duration of a class action lawsuit can last an incredibly long time.  In order to expedite the process of class action lawsuits, various tools have been implemented to facilitate the resolution; such as online case management and legal E-Service.

Online case management and electronic service providers have come a long way to support complex litigation.  The traditional method of managing and serving documents can take up a lot of resources – ie.  time and money.   However, with the use of online case management systems and electronic service, the amount of time spent on labor and money used on shipping can be reduced significantly.  Not only does the cost of service get reduced but the efficiency of management and service of documents is realized exponentially.  The “I never received” excuse will be obsolete and litigation will proceed.

Even the courts are beginning to mandate electronic filings to improve the process of case management.  This goes to show how online case management is becoming more widespread and improving the legal industry overall.  It is time to put an end to the dated method of managing and serving documents in litigation, especially complex cases like that of class actions.  Streamline the entire process of litigation via online case management and electronic service, the results will prove itself.

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