Litigation is a time consuming process and can be deemed complex depending on the nature of the case.  Insurance litigation is a prime example of a complex area of law.  Claimants, insurers, policy holders, and various other parties can all be involved in a single lawsuit.  Due to the involvement of multiple parties, the process of filing and serving documents can be a very tedious process.

Nevertheless, with most courts now allowing electronic filing and electronic service, the process of filing and serving documents can be completed at a much more efficient rate.  The traditional form of filing court documents can be completed instantaneously by simply uploading documents to an e-filing providers system.  As for serving documents to multiple litigants, an eService provider can distribute documents to an unlimited amount of parties within minutes.

The setback of filing and serving documents in litigation are over.  Attorneys and the court can streamline any type of litigation by designating an e-Filing and eService provider via a Case Management Order and/or Pre-Trial Order.  The amount of  time and money saved will be realized at an exponential rate.

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