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The legal industry is one of the largest consumers of paper and law firms unfortunately forget to recycle at times.  In view of the harmful effect paper waste has on the environment, a resolution has been created to resolve the problem – online case management and a legal E-Service provider.

Managing case documents online and serving litigants electronically not only preserves the environment, but it also helps streamline the process of litigation.  The time it takes to designate an employee to make copies, fold and stuff envelopes, then ship them out via U.S. Mail or express shipping is inefficient and costly.  The entire process of serving multiple litigants can be simply done by uploading documents to an online case management system.  The documents will then be served instantaneously to however many parties are involved in the litigation.

As the number of attorneys increase, legal practitioners must become more diligent and resourceful about managing and exchanging the massive amount of legal documents involved in litigation.  Online case management and eService has proven to reduce costs significantly and also provide mobility that attorneys desperately need.  In the end, everyone prospers from the use of streamlining cases online, especially the environment.

When a new case comes up, please consider the environment by managing and serving the documents online.  If you don’t know where to start, give us a call.

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