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Litigation can be a very costly and time consuming process.  Moreover, if a lawsuit is deemed complex, the cost and time spent on litigation can increase significantly.  As a result, it is in the interest of all litigants to resolve lawsuits as soon as possible.

In order to streamline the process of litigation, various factors must be included; such as a case management order (CMO) and/or pre-trial order (PTO), and the designation of litigation support services.  By implementing a CMO and/or PTO, all parties can adhere to strict guidelines which will allow for smoother progressions of the case.  Without an efficient guideline, litigation can drag on for years on end with additional costs piling up.

To continue facilitating the improvement of litigation, the designation of litigation support services is vital.  For instance, without a mediator or an E-Service provider, litigation can become unorganized and extremely time consuming.  Mediators’  help moderate disputes and keep everyone on track.  An E-Service provider reduces the amount of time spent on document exchange and includes an online document management system that is accessible 24/7.

Before jumping into the complex process of litigation, we highly recommend the aforementioned be considered.  There is nothing more important for an attorney than to focus on what really matters, the clients.

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