When involved in complex multi-party litigation, designating the most efficient litigation support service provider is vital; such as a legal E-Service provider. Having to communicate and exchange documents with multiple litigants can be complex within itself.  In view of that, streamlining this process is extremely beneficial to maintain the forward progression of complex litigation.

To determine the right legal E-Service provider, the following features should be included into the system and services:

Legal E-Service System

  1. Upload and serve multiple documents simultaneously
  2. Automatic case meta data integration per upload
  3. Receive upload confirmation instantly
  4. Preview/download documents directly from service notification link
  5. Service notification should provide the document title, serving party name, date, and time
  6. Receive a copy of service notification & Electronic Service List to verify service of litigants
  7. SSL Certification for secure transmissions

Online Document Management System

  1. Fully electronic content management functionality delivered through the modern, easy to use interface
  2. Industry standard folders to make data organization familiar and easy
  3. Locate documents by entering keyword(s) in the search bar*
  4. Designate “favorite” documents or folders to your account for instant access*
  5. Sort documents by name, date of upload, uploading party and even size
  6. Preview and print documents directly within platform
  7. Securely upload and download documents instantly
  8. Data storage on multiple data centers for full redundancy
  9. 24/7 monitoring for data security and accessibility

Forgo ever having to doubt or wait on documents being served on time.  Legal E-Service providers streamline the process of complex litigation by eliminating the setbacks of document exchange.  The savings on time and money by utilizing a proper legal E-Service provider will be realized at an exponential rate.

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