Since the inception of litigation, much has changed in terms of the rules for serving documents to parties involved in a case.  Traditionally, document exchange within litigation would require calling upon a courier service to pick up and physically serve the parties.   As the forms of communication advanced, the postal service and express shipping carriers became the norm.  Today, e-mailing and faxing have become wide-spread as a new means of serving documents.

The traditional avenues still remain viable means of exchanging documents in litigation.  However, a new and revolutionary means of managing and serving documents is developing, and increasingly becoming the new standard.  The birth of Online Case Management and Electronic Service is by far the most efficient form in securely serving and managing documents online.  Legal practitioners and support staff now have the ability to manage and serve documents instantaneously.

Coordinating with couriers, making copies, preparing labels, using postage, and entering incorrect e-mail addresses/fax numbers is no longer necessary.  Online Case Management & E-Service providers have eliminated these expensive and wasteful procedures by improving the entire process.  Serving documents to multiple parties can now be done by simply uploading the document(s) to the online system.  From there the E-Service provider will verify the file and serve the documents immediately to all parties in the case.

Why spend time and money on labor to serve documents, when all of this can be done instantaneously through an Online Case Management & E-Service system?  Time and money will not only be saved immediately, but costly mistakes will also be reduced.  Worrying about documents reaching a party on time or scrambling to serve a document before the deadline is a thing of the past.  By utilizing an Online Case Management and E-Service provider, legal practitioners can serve documents with a few clicks of their mouse from anywhere in the world.

Attorneys and support staff now have the ability to do more with their time and save even more money for their clients.  Set aside the anxiety of not serving documents on time and always rest assured that the documents will be accessible 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

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