The process of litigation has come a long way since the early 2000’s.  With the use of technology, specifically the world wide web, litigation can be streamlined without being confined to an office.  In this article, the use of Legal E-Service will be discussed to show how it has significantly improved the process of litigation.  What originally took days to complete can now be completed instantaneously from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Before the widespread use of the internet, the process of filing and serving documents during litigation required various actions.  The most noticeable difference was that you needed to produce physical documents, and then arrange for a courier to pick them up to physically file and serve. Legal practitioners now have the ability to simply upload documents to an online case management system to file with the court and serve multiple litigants all at the same time.

To facilitate case management, document retrieval and case organization, parties can utilize the services of a Legal E-Service provider to store and deliver court filed and discovery related documents through a secure website to facilitate expeditious, efficient and economical communication by and amongst counsel.  The Court, at its option can also use the E-Service provider and it’s system for these purposes as well to communicate with counsel of record. The courts can also review case documents by simply logging on to the online case management system.

Digging through large stacks of paper is no longer necessary.  The process of filing and serving during litigation can all be done electronically through a Legal E-Service provider.  Not only does this expedite the process of litigation, but it significantly reduces the costs affiliated with it.

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