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The Judges at the Complex Civil Courts, Los Angeles have approved Legal Document Server, Inc. to be selected as an E-Service provider in litigation. There are no longer any court restrictions, attorneys are now permitted to select an E-Service provider of their choice.

Streamlining the document exchange process in litigation has never been easier through Legal Document Server’s online case management system. Legal Document Server offers the most competitive rates and time saving features for users to be more productive. From arbitration to standard two party cases and complex multi-party litigation, Legal Document Server can manage and serve documents to cases of any size.

Quality check is an integral part of Legal Document Server’s process. Unlike other providers’, LDS thoroughly examines all documents to ensure they are complete. Legal Document Server’s online case management system is not only superior in its process, but it is extremely user-friendly for first-time users. In order to ensure that all users are properly trained to utilizing the system, LDS provides 24/7 technical support.  Users can be rest assured that Legal Document Server will be readily available for troubleshooting, and any other inquires.

Legal E-Service has been typically used for complex multi-party litigation, however it is becoming more common for arbitration and even standard two party cases.  There are numerous advantages to designate a legal eService provider in any type of legal matter as it has been proven to expedite the process of litigation and significantly reduce the unnecessary costs associated with it.

To learn more about the 2015 California Rules of Court, please visit http://www.courts.ca.gov/cms/rules/index.cfm?title=two&linkid=rule2_251

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