Have you ever been a victim of unsuccessfully serving or being served with a document via U.S. Mail, Facsimile or E-mail? More often than not, disputes can arise when a party will deny ever receiving service via U.S. Mail, Facsimile or E-Mail. This will result in unnecessary tension (disputes), more work (drafting declarations) and lost time (delaying cases). Avoid these circumstances by designating an Electronic Service Provider (ESP).

Online Case Management & E-Service go hand in hand when it comes to any type of litigation. From standard two party cases to complex mutli-party cases, ESP’s can streamline the process of document management and guarantee secure service. E-Service providers’ maintain all records of documents being uploaded and served. All parties also receive notifications for every document being served.  There is never a time where a transaction is lost or denied for, because all delivery logs are maintained by the E-Service provider.

Should there ever be a concern of confidential documents being viewed by the ESP, please be rest assured, E-Service providers only support the management and exchange of documents. E-Service providers do not access any documents unless specifically requested to do so. If needed, special arrangements can be made so that the ESP is completely locked out from viewing documents.

With that being said, DO NOT ever encounter the uncertainty of serving or receiving a document again. Designating an ESP is the safest way to ensure secure delivery and management of all case documents.

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