Legal Document Server is now providing claim management solutions for insurance providers. Insurance and litigation go hand in hand like ice cream to a cone. The days of manual case management is obsolete, LDS has created an online case management system to allow insurance carriers to monitor and manage claims seamlessly.

Rather than scrambling to keep track of the countless claims that are opened daily, LDS can do the work you shouldn’t have to. Managing the status of a case can be accessed through LDS’ online platform that allows insurance carriers to track all documents and communicate securely with counsel. We live in a time where open communication through e-mail can be easily compromised. As a result, LDS has built a user-friendly encrypted system that will deter infiltration from hackers.

Reduce the amount of time and money that is involved with claims that can drag on by utilizing LDS’ online case management system. This platform has been exclusively created for insurance carriers to stay on top of open claims without the trouble of manually sifting through cases in the traditional manner.

Legal Document Server provides Free-Trials and Demos upon request. It is time to start integrating and stop procrastinating before it is too late.

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