Litigation involves strict deadlines to file and serve documents, and the last thing to worry about is how to submit the documents. The process should be simple enough for an attorney, staff member and self-represented individual to upload documents to file and serve. Time is of the essence and it should not be wasted coordinating with a courier to pick up and drop off documents.

Some courts now mandate Electronic Filing (E-File) for specific types of cases which allows direct filing to the courts electronic filing system. E-Filing involves the use of a certified Electronic Filing Service Provider (ESFP). The ESFP acts as the intermediary between you and the courts electronic filing system. Unfortunately, not all the courts have implemented an electronic filing system yet.  As a result, some courts still require traditional methods, such as Fax Filing or Physical Court Filing.

However, there are litigation service providers that allow ALL court filing and process serving orders to be submitted electronically. The service provider will accept the uploaded files and dispatch them accordingly. Not only is this much faster, but it is more efficient and secure.

To begin streamlining your legal filings and service, please CLICK HERE.

The following is a list of Courts Accepting E-Filing:

  • Alameda Superior Court
  • Butte Superior Court
  • Calaveras Superior Court
  • Fresno Superior Court
  • Kern Superior Court
  • Kings Superior Court
  • Los Angeles Superior Court
  • Merced Superior Court
  • Monterey Superior Court
  • Napa Superior Court
  • Orange Superior Court
  • San Diego Superior Court
  • San Luis Obispo Superior Court
  • Santa Barbara Superior Court
  • Santa Clara Superior Court
  • Santa Cruz Superior Court
  • San Mateo Superior Court
  • Sutter Superior Court
  • Yuba Superior Court


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