Serving legal documents for a claim can be a daunting task, however, the process of service should not be. The actual process of service requires an individual to provide legal documents upon the recipient (individual or representative for entity). Once the document has been successfully served upon the recipient, a proof of service will need to be executed.

Traditionally, either a registered process server or law enforcement agent would need to be called upon to physically pick up and serve the documents. This is no longer necessary as an individual or entity can now be served by simply uploading documents to an Online Process Server’s system, such as Legal Document Server (LDS). Process serving orders can be submitted electronically which streamlines the entire process of serving the person or company. The user can then track the status of the order on the online case management system. A proof of service will then be created and signed for the user to submit to the court.

We live in a world of on demand services, so process serving should be no different. Do not delay serving legal documents, let us do the work you shouldn’t have to.

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