The legal industry is evolving every year with new processes and technology. The long awaited eFile program for the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles has gone live and will become mandatory on January 2, 2019 for all Civil cases.  The eFile program not only helps the court, but also opens many doors for litigation support providers to help legal practitioners litigate more efficiently.

Depending on the Electronic Filing Service Provider,additional online solutions are available; such as Service of Process and E-Service (Complex & Multi-Party cases). This allows users to digitize all case related documents from filings, discovery and judicial forms. Users can submit all orders through an Online Litigation Support provider (Legal Document Server) and forgo ever having to submit paper documents again.

These electronic means of litigation not only reduces cost, but it saves a significant amount of time for legal practitioners to maximize their productivity. No longer will attorneys or staff be caught up with time-consuming tasks for submitting filings and serving papers, they can now focus on what really matters, practicing law.

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