Since the launch of Electronic Filing (E-File) at Los Angeles County Superior Court, there has been over 30,000 filings in the first few weeks. You can imagine the overwhelming issues the court has experienced and continues to experience due to the massive influx of filings. The following are the most common issues that users are experiencing:

  • Party’s name does not match the party’s name listed on the initial lead document
    • For example: If plaintiff name on the caption of the complaint shows “John Doe”, then it must be entered to match throughout the eFiling. If defendant name is “Jane Doe, an individual” it must also be entered to match including “an individual.”
  • Incorrect case type selected
    • The case type must match the selection on the Civil Case Cover Sheet.
  • Incorrect document type selected
    • If the document is for a “judgment,” then that specific category must be selected. Following that selection, then choose the document title within that category.

Considering that LA Superior Court has the highest number of filings in the nation, it was expected that there would be some learning curves and adjustments to be made. The Complex Departments completely removed Electronic Filing and postponed the program to go live again on April 1, 2019. The court is doing everything they can to improve the system, but users will need to be patient until the E-File program has time to settle in.  

Converting from physical court filing to E-Filing can be challenging, especially for those who have never E-Filed before. Nevertheless, Legal Document Server is providing a complimentary Court Document Specialist to assist with all E-Filings. We understand the user’s frustrations, which is why we will guide you every step of the way FREE of charge.

There are various Electronic Filing Service Providers to choose from, but the only choice you need to make is which provider will answer your call and walk your through the entire process. If you haven’t already created an account, please register with Legal Document Server. We will provide a complimentary Court Document Specialist just for you and your firm!


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