Did you know there are 19 Counties and counting in the State of California that have made it mandatory to eFile? The following is a list of the 19 courts accepting Electronic Filings:

  • Butte Superior Court
  • Calaveras Superior Court
  • Fresno Superior Court
  • Kern Superior Court
  • Kings Superior Court
  • Los Angeles Superior Court
  • Merced Superior Court
  • Monterey Superior Court
  • Napa Superior Court
  • Orange Superior Court
  • San Diego Superior Court
  • San Luis Obispo Superior Court
  • Santa Barbara Superior Court
  • Santa Clara Superior Court
  • Santa Cruz Superior Court
  • San Francisco Superior Court
  • San Mateo Superior Court
  • Sutter Superior Court
  • Yuba Superior Court

For the courts that do not accept E-Filing yet, Legal Document Server provides physical court filing services through the same means of allowing users to electronically upload their orders. LDS also provides Process of Service throughout the entire State of California. Users can submit all their orders online. There is no need to mail, e-mail or fax orders. Users can simply upload and track all their orders Legal Document Server’s Online Case Management system.

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Legal Document Server understands that making the transition from physical filing to electronic filing can be challenging. As a result, LDS is offering Complimentary Concierge Services for all orders. Contact one of our Court Document Specialists today at (800) 687-5003 Ext. 1. For more information, please visit: www.LegalDocumentServer.com

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