The COVID-19 pandemic is a testament to why online litigation software is more essential than ever. We are living in some challenging times, but that does not mean litigation should be more difficult than it already is. Although we are in lockdown, legal practitioners can continue litigation through our online legal support system. Schedule Demo.

The California Superior Courts may be closed, but the courts that have eFiling available are still accepting court filings for the foreseeable future. For the courts that do not accept eFiling, some courts allow vendors to file through a drop box. Users can also submit orders for service of process through our online portal. The duration for service may be delayed to due to shortage of runners, but rest assured that it will get done. Register Here.

To keep litigation going beyond the court filings and service, the discovery phase must move forward. Discovery can be a very rigorous task, especially if the case is deemed complex and involves multiple parties. Once the documents are produced, exchanging them can be a daunting task, especially during a lockdown. This is where Electronic Service (E-Service) comes into play. Rather than having to mail, e-mail or fax the documents, litigants can securely upload the files onto our Online Case Management system to serve all parties instantly.

There is also no need to worry about documents never being received, all files are logged and tracked to ensure secure delivery. Not only does E-Service streamline the process of exchanging documents, the system provides a secure and centralized database for all the documents to be stored and accessed 24/7/365. All case related documents can be accessed and reviewed through our online case management system.

More importantly, E-Service significantly reduces the amount time and money involved in serving documents. This allows attorneys and their staff to focus on more pertinent tasks.

How do you authorize E-Service?

Counsel must agree and create an Order or Stipulation authorizing Electronic Service of Documents. Sample templates are below:

E-Service Order Insert

E-Service Stipulation & Order

Having reliable litigation support is integral for your firm now more than ever, and Legal Document Server is here to help. Working from home has never been easier thanks to our all in one litigation management system and active support lines.

When the world stops, we don’t!


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